Impromptu mini bridal fashion with Kilynd

A few weeks ago while volunteering for Flashes of Hope at Flying Horse Farms I met Kilynd and this is what happened. After spending the day photographing some really incredible kids at the camp we took advantage of some free time and got some really cool shots of Kilynd. She’s wearing a donated wedding dress that was part of the camp’s dress up wardrobe. Kilynd is a high school senior with spunk and tons of fun. When she came out wearing that dress we had to do something fun and spontaneous. ¬†Thanks to my dear friend, Allison of Allison Rocks Photography, for helping with all those overly large reflectors. Big thanks also to our very own Charla for assisting that day and of course, Kilynd for being our super fun talent for the day!

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  • Emily Journey - I love the black and white!

  • Charla - I’m so happy you finally posted these! She looks awesome!

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