This summer we’ve shared many laughs, dreams, and tears all the while embracing life with open arms and a loving heart. Throughout this soulful journey I’ve discovered that being connected to someone or something is far more important in life than anything else.  Without it, we are but lonely souls living life without purpose or direction.

I’ve taken a little hiatus, if you will, from what we call “social media” these days to find balance in my personal and professional life.  I’ve not posted on this blog as of late not because lack of material or nothing to share but time, in many ways, has crippled each day with this little yet powerful word, “busy.”  I realized that the word “busy” was overtaking a lot of what we do.  Not the act of actually being busy but inundating our minds just with that little word can be a bit overwhelming.  Don’t read me wrong, we are quite busy and thankful for it but I also realized that there are so many beautiful parts of life waiting to be enjoyed, explored, and fully lived.

Finding balance isn’t easy and by no means have I perfected it.  But balance is necessary in order to enrich us with new experiences and discoveries.  It offers us a way to re-focus, re-charge, and bring to order our instabilities.  I am blessed to be surrounded with my loving family, friends, and amazing clients.

I would encourage all of us to connect deeply with the kind of life you want to live.  Share those beautiful stories you’ve once told but tell it better.  Do something that matters … I know I will.

With that, I leave you with these photos from our recent trip to St. George Island.  My friends in flight…

My brother-in-law with his new beach friends


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