Modern Day Helen of Troy (Columbus) – Model Shoot with Anshea

Remember the story of Helen of Troy? The one about how a woman was so beautiful that men of two great nations fought a ten-year war over her?  To me, Anshea is the modern day version of that maddening beauty.

I met Anshea because she is my cousin’s sister-in-law, and soon learned we would be bridesmaids together in my cousin’s wedding (Congrats Kat & Gus!) I did not know that I would have to be standing next to her during the ceremony. Me, six months pregnant, and REALLY starting to feel it, and her this goddess of a human that looked somehow even more gorgeous as she wiped tears away from her face, as Kat and Gus said their “I do’s”.

Sigh. Sometimes life is really unfair 😉

Anyways, when Monty and I were brainstorming shoot ideas, I said, “I have the perfect person!” and quickly pulled up a photo of Anshea. Monty was stunned.

“Wait! I have seen her before! Does she work at….”

“Elm and Iron!” I quickly interrupted.

“I met her last week, she helped me in the store! I seriously thought about going back and asking her to model.”

So that was settled, we had to have her in this shoot.

I helped Anshea pick out three different looks for the photos. We choose a black dress with two different kimono style shirts that would be versatile and quick to change. A long rust and white striped maxi with sea foam jeweled earrings for a more dressed up look, and a lightweight navy maxi for a bohemian vibe.

We decided to shoot at Park of Roses: Without further ado here are the images from the shoot along with our behind the scenes video footage captured with our iPhones…

Fashion Shoot with Anshea 1Fashion Shoot with Anshea 2Fashion Shoot with Anshea 3Fashion Shoot with Anshea 4Fashion Shoot with Anshea 5Fashion Shoot with Anshea 6Fashion Shoot with Anshea 7Fashion Shoot with Anshea 8Fashion Shoot with Anshea 9Fashion Shoot with Anshea 10Fashion Shoot with Anshea 11

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