Relax! You’re on Vacation – Photo tips and more!

Hey there — Emma here!

I always find it hard to write about myself, or even TALK about myself for that matter. I don’t know if it’s because were conditioned not to be overly braggy or self-promoting because, “People don’t like that.”(I hear a whiny voice accompanied with the image of a wagging index finger say.)

But! I have to get over that fear, and try to convince you that I am interesting enough to listen to for a few minutes, two(ish) days a week since I’ll be contributing to this blog!

I will tell you one thing about me right now. I consume an insane amount of blogs. Fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, mom blogs, photography blogs, and I have all of these bookmarked on my laptop so I can go straight to them when I have a spare minute.

I love them. I love them all.

The good, the bad, the time wasting…they’re the perfect escape.

I want Open Image Studio’s blog to be that for you. I will do my best to post photography tips, fashion insight, Columbus events, DIY projects (that may or may not be hilarious failures), behind the scenes from shoots we work on, and whatever you all want to hear about?

So without further ado… my first post

(Sigh) Vacation

Now that I’m an adult, the word “vacation” means something vastly different than it did when I was young. Along with the image of the beach, with its white sand and warm blue-green water where all the happy, tan individuals frolic among the waves… I see a bank account balance getting lower, and a dark cloud overhead that is the pressure to “just relax”.

The pressure to have an amazing vacation takes away from the purpose of vacation itself! Am I having enough fun? Are my kids happy? Are we doing enough of the right activities? Have we seen everything? Have I posted enough pictures that tell my five hundred closest “friends” that I am living it up?!

All of these questions casts a fog over our brains, and inhibit us from just enjoying the sliver of time we have carefully coordinated and looked forward towards to NOT worry about these types of questions.

I know I’m not the only one who feels like this…

So, upon taking this vacation, I decided to try my best at being one of those Zen individuals that “go with the flow” and find inner peace (or whatever) that might allow me to let go of the life reins just enough to put down my to-do list.


How I did this:

I took photos of great meals we ate… without feeling guilty about it!

Photos of food are often criticized.

“The single most common human experience is eating together. Sharing a meal with someone who you might not even speak the same language as, it’s something you can do with people, and share a bond. These days people can “share their meal” with hundreds or thousands of followers and friends, but it’s not the same as eating together. There is a saturation point where you just can’t care about everyone’s super awesome dinners. “

Which is what my boyfriend responded with when I asked him, “Why do you think people get so mad about people posting pictures of their food?”


So here is my photo of the most amazing steak and Shirley Temple (my pregnancy NA beverage of choice) I have ever had. While passing through Savannah, Georgia we decided to stop and eat at “22 Square Restaurant and Bar”. The steak was covered with a balsamic reduction and feta cheese. Underneath, a bead of arugula, duck fat fried potatoes, rainbow carrots, and heirloom tomatoes. The Shirley Temple was made with real pomegranate juice, simple syrup, and soda water. This was a photo-worthy, super awesome dinner.

Tip: Try to get different angles, or some action (hands cutting meat/lifting a bite) to make a food photo a little more interesting.

Also featured: a picture of my boyfriend enjoying coffee before we ate, just because he’s cute, and it was his birthday.


I took purposeful nature photos ALONG with people that were enjoying it as well.

Nothing is worse than looking through a thousand seemingly random shots of someone’s vacation. If you want glazed eyes, nodding, and yawns, by all means, go for it. But! There is something truly amazing and inspiring about going back through another human’s journey with them when their photos are shot intentionally and framed purposefully.

I went on a national park tram tour and not only did we see gators and other Floridian nature inhabitants, but also some really fascinating tourists. I love seeing a mixture of shots of people and landscape.

Grabbed a few selfies for good measure

Taking only enough selfies to enjoy a certain memory and place, and not TOO many that you wear out your family/significant others patience for said selfies.

Tip: Try to position yourself to work with the sun so you aren’t casting shadows over your faces looking like blotchy stripey versions of yourself.


I hope you find some of these tips helpful (or at least captivating for five minutes)! I’d love to see some of your vacation photos and tips that you have for enjoying the precious time away.

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